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August 7th, 2012Comments closed

screener api

We are happy to announce that we have made our screener API public.

Now you can use our API to develop interesting financial apps.

To access our API, sign up for an API developer account at 3scale (Sign up link in top right corner). You will receive and email and to activate the account just click on the link in email.

Sign in with newly created account. Click on Get me my API Keys now! link to view your app_id and app_key.

Now you can access our API using your app_id and app_key. When accessing API, add &app_id={{app_id}}&app_key={{app_key}} in rest URL. Make sure you keep your app_id and app_key a secret.

To experiment with API and to see all query parameters, view our Active Docs.

An example API Get Request is:{{your_app_id}}&app_key={{your_app_key}}. API Response would be a JSON with following parameters:

An example API Response would be:

{ "s": [ ["ranbaxy", "ranbaxy labs ltd"], ["hcltech", "hcl technologies ltd"] ], "t": 2, "v": "Stocks with strong technical strength and in nifty", "error":false }

Stay tuned for latest updates:

Techpaisa Team.


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