Why techpaisa.com?

There are thousands of websites which give stock recommendations and tips, but there is none which is honest enough to show picks which resulted in losses. As a trader, you have the right to know what you are getting when you are making the payment. We don't want you to fool you or trick you to make the payment once. We are not claiming that our product or strategy is the best but what we are saying is that it is transparent. We are not hiding our past performance. Read more about techpaisa's vision here.
Here are the products we are offering:

Options Trading

We generate option recommendations after deep research. Use our option recommendations to profit.

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Pairs Trading

Use our pairs trading platform to test cointegration of pair of stocks to test whether they can be traded together market-neutrally or not. Here are important links:

Short-Term Trading

We have thouroughly backtested strategies to make money. Our strategies are based on well-known technical indicators like rsi, moving averages, adx etc.
  • Check out techpaisa's technical trading systems here.
  • Find techpaisa's short-term recommendations here.

Stock Screener

Use our screener to filter stocks based on technical and fundamental indicators like rsi, macd, moving avergaes, earning per share etc. Stock screener is completely free to use. Here are most popular screeners: